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Page last updated 11th June 2011


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Please read the updates, General Conditions and venue information below - especially for Windjana Gorge - before making your bookings.


In keeping with our philosophy of 'bringing Jandamarra home,' and providing Kimberley people with the chance to see the play, a special Kimberley concession price of $55 is now available for over the counter sales only, at the following Kimberley outlets:

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There is no doubting the enthusiasm of Kimberley people for the Jandamarra Returns tour. Three of the five nights at Windjana Gorge have sold out. There are no more tickets available for Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd July, or for the final night's performance on July 27th, with a special pre show performance from Paul Kelly and Danny Marr.

There are still a few tickets available for our other two shows at Windjana. Our advice is, don't delay. If you want to be sure of seeing the show, book your tickets!


Discount prices are available for:

See Price List below.

For further information, or to lodge your booking request, please contact our Ticket Office.

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Kimberley Wild

Thinking of coming from outside the Kimberley to the highlight shows at Windjana Gorge, but unsure about how to do it under your own steam? We are delighted to offer this opportunity to do it in style and hassle free, thanks to our partnership with award winning tour operators Kimberley Wild Expeditions.

Kimberley Wild have won the Best Tour Operator honour in the WA Tourism Awards for three years running. They know the Kimberley inside out. They also have a longstanding collaboration with Bungolee Tours, run by Bunuba elder Dillon Andrews.

Kimberley Wild are offering two and three day tour packages that will include attendance at the Windjana Gorge performances of Jandamarra, and a unique experience of Bunuba country.

Those who take up the three day tour package will be able to spend time at Biridu Community, home to Dillon Andrews, and his grandson Emmanuel Brown who plays the role of the warrior Ilaji in Jandamarra.

For more information, see the brochures in the information section of the website.

For bookings, visit the Kimberley Wild website at: www.kimberleywild.com.au

Windjana Tours

Derby based Windjana Tours is offering a day trip package that will include a visit to Tunnel Creek, time at the Gorge, an evening meal and a return to Derby after the show.

This package is ideal for caravanners who don’t want to risk their vans on the Windjana road, or for those unable to camp out at the Gorge.

For further information or bookings contact Derby Visitor Centre
1800 621 426 or info@derbytourism.com.au
Or book online at www.derbytourism.com.au

See below for additional information about the Windjana Gorge shows.

Additional packages may be available in coming weeks.

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Indigenous tour company Uptuyu is offering a four day tour package culminating with attendance at the Windjana Gorge finale on 27th July. Limited seats available.

For further information or bookings, contact Uptuyu



Standard Ticket $77.00
Kimberley Concession Price* $55.00
Concession** $45.00
Student Concession** $35.00


Group Bookings*** $55.00
School Groups**** $22.00

* Over the counter sales only at Visitors Centres in Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing & Kununurra, from 15th February.
** Concession ticket holders may be asked to show concession card on entry.
*** Group price applies to bookings of 10 or more tickets.
**** For School Groups only, minimum booking of 15; one free ticket per 15 purchased.

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All performances start at 7pm.

The performance and audience zone at all venues will be alcohol free areas.

No bars will operate at any of the venues.

The ticket sale is for the ticket only – patrons will have to make their own transport and accommodation arrangements.

Seating is non – allocated (unless otherwise arranged)

Seating – as an outdoor event patrons are advised to bring their own seating – though limited seating will be available for hire at the venues.

Seating will be zoned as blanket, low and high chair areas. Patrons are requested to observe this for the viewing of all audience members.

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Performance Dates: Wednesday 13 July 2011
  Thursday 14 July 2011
  Friday 15 July 2011
  Saturday 16 July 2011

All performances start at 7pm.

The Broome performances will be on the school oval in the grounds of St. Mary’s College, on the corner of Guy Street and Port Drive.

St. Mary’s will be operating food and drink stalls adjacent to the performance area.

St. Mary’s College is an alcohol free area.

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Performance Dates: Friday 22 July 2011
  Saturday 23 July 2011
  Monday 25 July 2011
  Tuesday 26 July 2011
  Wednesday 27 July 2011

All performances start at 7pm.

Tickets for these performances are by pre-purchase only. We do not expect to have tickets for sale at the venue.

The stage and audience area at Bandilngan will be at the foot of the spectacular cliffs, just to the east of the entrance to the gorge proper.

Bandilngan is an important traditional location for the Bunuba people. There is an important site close to the performance venue, which we are taking steps to protect. It is also an important historical location in the Jandamarra story, where a major pitched battle occurred. As June Oscar has said, “Jandamarra himself will be there with us. The country will celebrate with us, and will swell up to embrace us, to give its power to this show."

We had hoped that the Bandilngan shows would include large format projection of animations onto the cliffs behind the stage. Ticket buyers should be aware that we have been unable to raise adequate funds for this element, and that the shows will not include large format projection, with the performance and staging being as per the other venues.


The Department of Environment and Conservation operates a camping ground at Windjana Gorge, with a quiet section, and a generator and coaches section.

Except for pre-booked tours, the camping grounds will be closed to the general public whilst the performances are on. Although your ticket to the performance will give you access to the camping grounds for that night, a camping fee of $11 per person will still apply. The fee will be collected by the Derby Visitor Centre, who will be managing the camping grounds for us during the performances.

You can pre-pay this camping fee by contacting the Derby Visitor Centre.
1800 621 426

We will require ticket holders to vacate the camping grounds by 11am on the morning following their show, to enable access for those coming to the next performance. Access for those arriving will be from midday on the day of their show.

The camping grounds have toilet and shower facilities. Campers should be self sufficient for their time at Bandilngan.

See here for DEC information on the camping ground.

Please note that the Windjana Gorge road is not recommended for towed caravans, but is suitable for campervans. In normal dry season weather conditions the road is accessible to normal two wheel drive vehicles. Visitors should check on road conditions before departing.


Bandilngan is a beautiful and special place where you can spend as many hours as you wish walking, and absorbing the feel of the country.

Whilst the play is on, we also intend to transform it into a mini festival site and a showcase for Bunuba and Indigenous culture, food stalls, arts and crafts and the like.

We are also working on putting together a program of free entertainment each late afternoon / early evening prior to the main performance.

Details will be posted as they are confirmed, but we can advise of one very special guest on our last day at Windjana on 27 July.

Australia’s leading singer, songwriter Paul Kelly is a long standing friend of the Bunuba people and the Jandamarra project. Not only was he the musical director of the original stage production in Perth in 2008; he has written his own Jandamarra song, and has recorded a duet performance with Danny Marr of Danny’s haunting ballad for the Bunuba people, Raining on the Rocks.

On 27 July Paul will be joining us at Bandilngan, and will perform a short set with Danny before the play, in which Danny appears as the elder, Dibinarra.

Book early limited seating.

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Performance Date: Saturday 30 July 2011, 7pm

The Halls Creek performance will be a one off, free community event supported by Lotterywest.

The performance will be at Lunga Community, Red Hill, with entry through the Warlawurru Catholic School.

Tickets will be distributed through community organisations in Halls Creek, to ensure that health and safety regulations and capacity constraints are observed.

Warlawurru Catholic School and Lunga Community are alcohol free areas. The school is a smoke free zone.

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MIRIMA (KUNUNURRA – Hidden Valley)

Performance Date: Thursday 4 August 2011
  Friday 5 August 2011
  Saturday 6 August 2011

All performances start at 7pm.

The Kununurra performances will be presented in a valley in the Mirima National Park, on the outskirts of town.

The venue is approximately a 500 metre walk from the parking area.

The Kununurra performances will be presented in the Mirima National Park, on the outskirts of town.

The venue is approximately a 500 metre walk from the road, along the walking path opposite the cemetery.

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