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So Long Suckers

Jandamarra at the Opera House

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So Long Suckers is a first time cross-cultural, cross art form collaboration between Yirra Yaakin & Bunuba Cultural Enterprises. Inspired by real-life stories this provocative and powerful new work explores the destructive effects on alcoholism on Indigenous & Non-Indigenous communities.

The premiere season was at the Subiaco Arts Centre in Perth from 28th May to 4th June.

The reviews are in, and it's a big thumbs up!!

In Bunuba Cultural Enterprises' 2011 production of Jandamarra in the Kimberley, as well as playing the key role of Yilimarra, Emmanuel Brown (EJB) did an inspired cameo as the crippled stockman Jacky that had the audience in stitches every night. We knew we had found a great natural talent. This was one of the sparks for an initiative by BCE to develop new opportunities for performers who had emerged through the Jandamarra project. The seeds of So Long Suckers were sown over a sweaty week that EJB put in with Peter Docker - who also appeared in Jandamarra - in Fitzroy Crossing in January 2013, exploring stories and ideas.

Yirra Yaakin came on board later that year, and under the leadership of Artistic Director Kyle Morrison have built a unique production. The performers and the stories bring together powerful elements from the worlds of the Bunuba, the Noongar and Irish Australia in a thrilling blend of cultures and theatrical styles.

When we meet the Three Wise Men, they are drunk, lost, handcuffed, bewildered and don't even know each other. They fight over grog. They try to remember who they are - but each time they remember it is a grog-police-jail memory. They are prisoners haunted by memories of freedom fighters - Yagan, Ned Kelly & Jandamarra (who all lost their heads and their heads were lost). They each chase down their identities and their purpose, all the while sorting through their memories of oppression and of fighting back.

The Australian, Victoria Laurie

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The West Australian, David Zampatti

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Professor Sandy Toussaint

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Director - Kyle J Morrison
Concept/ Associate Producer - Steve Hawke (Bunuba Cultural Enterprises)
Developed and Performed by - Ian Wilkes, Emmanuel J Brown, Peter Docker
Scripted by - Peter Docker
Choreographer - Dalisa Pigram
Associate Choreographer - Jacob Lehrer
Musical Director - Darren Reutens (Dazastah from Downsyde)
Lighting Designer - Chris Donnelly
Set Designer - India Mehta

Photographs by Simon Pynt

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