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So Long Suckers

Jandamarra at the Opera House

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Jandamarra is a legend of the Bunuba people. He was only in his mid twenties when he was gunned down in 1897, but in his short life he created a legacy that will never be forgotten. He led one of the longest and most successful campaigns to defend Aboriginal country in Australian history.

In 2008, at the Perth International Arts Festival, Bunuba Cultural Enterprises (BCE, then known as Bunuba Films) partnered the Black Swan State Theatre Company in co-producing the premiere, sellout season of the Jandamarra stage play, presented in Bunuba, English and Kriol.

In 2011 we were able to "bring Jandamarra home," by presenting the play at four Kimberley venues, including a highlight show at the spectacular Windjana Gorge, in the heart of traditional Bunuba country.

In 2014 we have an exciting new venture, Jandamarra; Sing For The Country, a cantata for orchestra, choirs and a Bunuba ensemble that will have its world premiere at the Syney Opera House in July. Please explore this site to learn about Jandamarra, the Bunuba people, the Jandamarra stage play, and the Cantata project.